3 Awesome Decorated Cakes


Here are some quite amazing cakes. I am completely enthralled by this Library Cake above by Kathy Knaus. I would love to see step-by-step photos of this one.


Then there’s this super-colorful Melted Rainbow Cake. This one looks pretty easy and lets you unleash your inner Pollock!


And one that I’m sure a lot of you will LOVE. A Harry Potter cake. The detail is pretty incredible.

2 thoughts on “3 Awesome Decorated Cakes”

  1. Hi, I’m so pleased you like my library cake. 🙂
    I unfortunately didn’t document the creation process (if I had ever dreamed it would be getting this much attention I probably would have done so), but I’m thinking about doing another one for a competition and will definitely take some pictures while I’m making it.

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