3 Free, Top things to do with Kids in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

March 6th, 2017

State Capitol of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg

We are currently visiting our friends in Harrisburg Pennsylvania so have another of our 3, Free things to do with Kids posts in our series!

And so here is my 3 Free, Top things to do with Kids in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania installment.

So, here we go

First of all, the State Capitol in Harrisburg is unexpected and magnificent. It’s of course, free to visit and the kids have fun walking and running around in this large and European style complex even if they don’t completely appreciate the splendor. Designed by architect Joseph Huston, built and furnished at a cost of $13 million, the Capitol features paintings, stained glass and furnishings by some of the best artisans of the day. The building incorporates various Renaissance designs in some of its largest rooms: Italian in the House Chamber, French in the Senate Chamber, and English in the Governor’s Reception Room. It also reflects Greek, Roman and Victorian influences in its art and ornamentation. And there are free tours every half hour! http://www.pacapitol.com



Wildwood Park and Nature Centre. This is another gem on the outskirts of Harrisburg. A great place to bring the family for some quality time or a location for you to commune with nature. There are wonderful rambling trails around the lake that abounds with wildlife in a truly natural setting. There’s a nice library for the kids with activities like a costume bin full of animal costumes so they can dress up as their fave animal and imagine what it would be like. And if you are into birdwatching, this is the place! http://wildwoodlake.org



 National Civil War Museum. Okay, so I cheated for this. This is not free but I really wanted to sneak it in as it’s amazing and not expensive at all! This one was more for me than the kids but I think it was good for them, as the Civil War  is such an important part of American History. This museum is Smithsonian affiliated and does a very good job of helping us gain an understanding of the Civil War, its effect on the nation, and on the people.

Their emphasis is on “the human side” of the conflict.  There are over 24,000 items on  the common soldiers, men and women on the home front, and the experiences of African Americans.  The military artifacts encompass all aspects of soldiers’ experiences: from the personal equipage and weaponry of the War, to wounds, disease, prisoner-of-war experiences, and the emotional drain of the conflict. And most importantly, there is no bias towards either the Union or Confederate causes. The grounds and building are modern and well laid out. If you want the kids to understand the Civil War, this is a really good place to go! http://www.nationalcivilwarmuseum.org




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