3 Gorgeous Carousel Toys


Take a look at this wonderful laser-cut carousel lamp by Polish company, . Just the best lamp for a kid’s room. This assem­ble-it-yourself rotat­ing table lamp can also be painted to suit the room it’s in.


I have a thing for carousels. (In case you missed this amazing carousel Zoetrope, check it out!) And I know I’m not the only one who is moved by them. There is so much history of childhood and generations of nostalgias associated with them, isn’t there? So here are 3 really wonderful Carousel toys for you. Okay, so one is a lamp but I’m sure that kids turn it into a toy! And if you are interested in the history of carousels, here’s a great article.




What a super fun toy! This Worlds Fair Swing Carousel has many tiny lights twinkle whilst the carousel turns to 15 Christmas carols and 15 year round classics.


I am charmed by the simplicity of this tree branch carousel which has swings for four fairies or other tiny dolls or woodland creatures to enjoy the ride! And you simply turn it and it spins.  Made in Germany of salvaged cherry wood. The fairies are not included but you can make them with Salley Mavor’s Felt Wee Folk book!