5 Beautiful DIY Crowns for Kids


1. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crowns

Is there no end to what you can create with toilet paper rolls?! Check out these recycled Toilet Paper Crowns from Creative Jewish Woman. These would make adorable party crowns or little crowns for dolls. The possibilities are endless.


2. DIY Pie Plate Crown

What a cute and simple Pie Plate Crown from Skunkboy.  Love the effect of the pointy edges but might fold those over for fear of poking little eyes!


3. DIY Nature Crown

Ah, what a lovely Nature Crown from Small Hands in the Big World. What a great and simple idea to paste flowers and leaves on to make this fairy-like creation.



4. DIY Glitter Lace Crown

These Glitter Lace Crown from Girl. Inspired are so cooler than cool! The effect of the glitter and lace create a very elegant crown. And not hard to make at all. If my girls get a glimpse of these, there is no way out!



5. DIY Cardboard Crown

I love this simple simple Cardboard Crown from Made by Joel which is by the way, one of my all-time fave craft sites. What could be easier to make?  And of course, you could paste all sorts of diamantes and glitter on these, which is inevitable at our place!

If you have some fave crowns, please let us know!