5 Interactive Wallpapers for kids



I have always thought that walls are way too underused when it comes to being useful – as more than just something to hold the ceiling up! These five interactive wallpapers let kids interact all over the place. Why limit it to drawing paper?

1. Sian Zeng Interactive Magnetic Wallpaper for kids from Just Kids Wallpaper, $540 AUD. Comes with ten magnets!

2. This is brilliant. Let them color their world and place photos within the wallpapered frames! Frames Wallpaper by Taylor & Wood, available from Graham & Brown, $27 per roll

3. Burgerdoodles Colour-In Wallpaper from Burgerplex, by Jon Burgerman, £35 per roll.

4. Okay so this is not wallpaper, but interactive and for walls! These stickers are made-to-order specifically for your child and his or her travels! What a World Peel & Place Wall Stickers from by Oopsy Daisy, $139.

5. Drawing on the walls? Yes! Use these eyes to create little characters. “I See You” Interactive wallpaper, from Cavern Home, $155 per roll.