5 Spooky and Creative Halloween DIY Craft Projects



Halloween is looming and it’s time to start getting sorted out with crafts, costumes, jack-o-lanterns and all the other wonderful and fun stuff associated with Halloween. I thought I’d get an early jump this year (unlike other years) in getting organized with ideas. That’s where these 5 Spooky and Creative DIY Halloween Craft Projects come in. That way you have plenty of time to gather materials and be all set for Halloween. And please share any wonderful Halloween related crafts, desserts or costume ideas in the comments!



Spectral Mirror
Reflective paint is what makes this spectral mirror so spooky.  You can use any frame with glass; we chose one from Ikea, and spray-painted it black.

And for tutorial go here: Spectral Mirror



Staircase Silhouette 

 Greet trick-or-treaters with a menacing silhouette that ascends the stairs. That is, if you have a house with stairs! Won’t work for us apartment dwellers I’m afraid. But if I had stairs, I would absolutely do this.



Halloween_craft_1 Halloween_craft_2

Printable Project: Creepy Crawly Halloween Table Settings

Making these creepy-crawly paper designs, couldn’t be easier—all you need is some paper and a standard inkjet printer. And what a super-effective statement they make for your Halloween table.



Adorable Mini-Ghost Lollipops

Okay, these are super simple. Just wrap white tissue paper around lollipops and draw ghost faces on them. Too quick for words. And then just pop them in a pumpkin or mason jar.