A Simple Birthday Party and Melted Crayon Art!



We celebrated Sweet Solène’s 2nd birthday yesterday! Oona asked me if we could combine their parties this year (which I’m all for!) so we did a simple Playdate Party with a couple of Solène’s buddies while awaiting greater things! I made the carrot cake and colored the meringues myself by dipping them in water mixed with food coloring gel…and it came out looking well, kind of cute but odd. And then we just had a selection of berries and fruits and guacamole. We also did some melted crayon art. We put the ends of crayons in little truffle cups and put them in the oven at about 200 degrees and made our own multi-colored crayons -the kids had paper in front of them to scribble to their heart’s content. See below.


Here are our home-made multi-colored crayons!

4 thoughts on “A Simple Birthday Party and Melted Crayon Art!”

  1. Happy Birthday Solène!  What a fabulous party it looks like you had.  Love your crayons too!  Talk about a colorful way to celebrate a birthday~

  2. Happy birthday, Solène!! from all of us. J,K & A (Can u guess who we r? :)) xoxoxoxo
    p.s. ops,,, I couldn’t post it w/o my e mail address,,, So silly of me! I wanted you to guess, but it’s not even a quiz now.. :0 🙂 love
    Anyway, best birthday wishes from all of us. 😉

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