Adorable Paper Plate Sewing Easter Chick Craft


Okay, so it’s snowing outside and hard…so a bit difficult to imagine that Spring and Easter are just around the corner but they are! So, I am sharing this Adorable Paper Plate Sewing Easter Chick Craft from over at Red Ted Art!

The girls have been doing a lot of this kind of stitching lately from this Stitchables book that I blogged about earlier, so it’s a great idea to expand on this and make their own! They seem to not lose interest easily as the results are immediate and it’s not a longer term project like some of their knitting endeavors. And you can also do whatever you want with this. Maybe some smaller plates to make Easter Eggs as well as the chicks. Let us know if you make these with the kids. I always love to see the results on our Twitter or Facebook page!