Adventures with Waddler – Fall 2013


Inspired by travels in South America, Waddler is a mystical label that is sure to feed anyone’s wanderlust. A perusal through their gorgeous Fall 2013 transports you to a world filled with exploration and adventure. The vast land (aka the Andes mountains in Bolivia) is the perfect backdrop to their cosy and carefree clothes. Even better? Their clothing is made naturally; for instance, they use alpaca yarn from Bolivia and organic pima cotton from Peru.

I love the essence of the label; it’s a celebration of the world! As Philip Thompson, co-founder of Waddler, wonderfully shares, “We try to imbue our styles with that same sense of adventure – wolf suits, pierrot jumpers, and cotton shirts with fun prints – and hope that this inspires the imagination of the children who wear our clothes.” Explore more of this gorgeous lookbook here.