Amazing Interactive World For Healing Kids – Royal London Hospital

Finally an incredibly fun space for kids at a hospital that heals them through art and play! This has been a long time coming and such a revolution in healing and one of the most inspiring art projects I’ve seen in a while.

Cottrell and Vermeulen architects, designer Morag Myerscough, Nexus and Chris O’Shea all worked together to transport children to an interactive woodland world with their new activity space at the Royal London hospital. Chris O’Shea, the artist and interaction designer, has collaborated with digital production company, Nexus Interactive Arts, to create ‘Woodland Wiggle’, an innovative interactive installation at Europe’s newest hospital, The Royal London, which helps children benefit from the healing powers of art and play.

‘Woodland Wiggle’ is a pioneering interactive game displayed on a television the size of a room. It allows children to enter a storybook illustrated world enabling them to paint; play music; and trigger sun, rain, snow and rainbows with animated animal characters across diifferent scenes. This fantasy world allows them escape the reality of their daily treatment and interact with the exciting environment.