Amazing ROC Apeldoorn Classroom By Jurgen Bey


Dutch designer Jurgen Bey has created a classroom to inspire and draw out the extraordinary in young minds. The classroom interior project is part of the ROC training school at Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.  The aim was to create an environment that enables students to start their studies in a space with room for investigation, for trial and error, for study and personal development.

Almost every surface of the room is covered with images found in books used at the school. Using mainly a palette of white and grey, Bey placed graphics on walls, furniture and even the floor. Moveable screens allow the room to open completely or divide spaces depending on the activity.



A key feature – the wear-resistant flooring system made with Senso Freeze, contains a transparent resin where digital photographs were embedded into the surface. Every inch of this space bursts with creativity and awesomeness – we can only imagine what kind of inspiration a space like this will generate in the young minds lucky enough to spend time here!