Amelia – ‘A Girl For All Time’ Doll




My girls are so in love with these Amelia dolls from A Girl For All Time as you can see! They were positively squealing with delight when they opened them…and don’t want to put them down. They have already been loving their Matilda dolls for a year now and really take care of them which shows how much they care about them. (I reviewed the Matilda doll right here.)

These exquisite dolls very rightfully were nominated ‘Playdoll of the Year 2013’ by DOLLS Magazine which is the top publication in the collectors sector, which is really kind of like getting an Academy Award nomination in the doll world! And the good news is that it’s still not too late to order these for Christmas. If you are in the Europe, you have until December 21st, but if you are in the US, make sure you get your order in by December 17th!





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