Anchovy Kidswear Designed by Custom App



I am thrilled to find highly creative kidswear labels like Anchovy Kidswear which has fabrics and patterns actually designed by a custom app that the designers Artists Giedre and Karolis, created themselves.  

Their daughter Juka was the first to try this color gradient app on an iPad (which you can explore and have fun with yourself on their website right here). They loved the process and the patterns it created and decided to launch a fashion line using it by making it wearable. That’s how the children’s clothing line was born along with the Anchovy brand. Why Anchovy you ask? Because most interesting things are either loved or hated.

Their website has some of the current season and some pretty artistic shots and a video by Julija Goyd that is pretty fascinating.

The Anchovy SS2017 will be showing at Playtime Paris on July 2-4 so if you are going, make sure you see these wonderful garments up close. The theme for this coming season is of Pink and Blue as the most used colours for children swear.