Apolline à Paris


I first became aware of Apolline à Paris when I walked into the new Bonpoint flagship store in Manhattan, where amongst all the beautiful things in that exquisite shop, were these magical and whimsical dolls. She was commissioned to design a collection of dolls using the fabrics in this season’s Bonpoint range. So detailed and lovingly made, they set wild my imagination and took me back to my childhood. I was charmed and also a little melancholic about the years I lived in Paris, as they do have something very particularly Parisian about them. From her pleasure with mixing materials, fabrics, patterns and colors, her attention to detail, and inspiration from her two little girls, arose a whole world of folkloric dolls, cheeky sprites, mysterious fairies, charming animals, and elegant sweethearts. They are in a wonderland of their own.

Apolline works with a small embroidery studio in Madagascar which helps reintegrate women into the workforce and her creations are then reworked by herself in her Paris studio. The two dolls above are Oona’s (my daughter’s) personal picks…guess we don’t have to try too hard to find something for her birthday. Apolline’s website also is like a wonderful fairytale.


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