Top Baby and Kid Products from the ABC Kids Expo


Babymel’s comic book-inspired kiddie backpacks leap into action with animated prints any young superhero would love.

The Baby And Kid Products You Didn’t Know You Wanted—Until Now

If you’ve had a child or are expecting one, the shear volume of gear, gadgets, and goods that come with one tiny little person can be overwhelming. But the juvenile products industry isn’t slowing down any time soon. Baby and kids brands met last week at the 2013 ABC Kids Expo to debut their newest crop of clothes, bags, nursery items, feeding products, and travel goods.
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Extremely intricate paper quilling done by Yulia Brodskaya.


Thank you to Lexy Ho-Tai, our crafting guest correspondent for this easy and fun craft.

We love crafts of all sorts here at Bellissima, but we especially love ones where the materials are super simple. Paper Quilling is a great craft because all you need is paper, scissors, glue, and toothpicks! Yet, with so little, you can create so many awesome things!

Estimated Time: As long as you want! Anywhere from minutes to hours.
What You’ll Need: Construction paper, Scissors, Glue, Toothpicks

1. Cut your construction paper into strips. You can vary the width. The ones pictured are about 0.25”, which is a good size to start off with.

2. Wrap your paper strip around a toothpick…

… And ta-da! you have a lovely curl!

3. Experiment with your strips! You can twirl them in different ways, manipulates sides to change the shape, glue certain parts down, and so forth.

4. When you’re happy with a shape, glue it down to a page!

… And create something awesome! You can make cards, bookmarks, drawings… Whatever YOU want!

6. Play around with putting different shapes together to create an image! Here’s a simple flower…

… Here are some awesome animals my younger sister made years ago when she was a kid!

… Here are some more amazing and incredibly intricate pieces by Yulia Brodskaya!


I hope you all love this craft as much as I did. If you give it a try, do send photos our way!



Thank you to Lexy Ho-Tai, our crafting guest correspondent for this easy and fun craft.

Happy Friday! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming… Summer is here! But why not bring some of that summer indoors? We’re loving these paper flowers – they’re super easy to make and brighten up any room (bonus: you don’t have to worry about watering them!). Yes, summer is here – outside and inside!

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes
What You'll Need: Tissue Paper, Scissors, Tape

1.  Cut the tissue paper so you have four square pieces of the same size. The square pictured is about 5 inches in length; this is a good size to start off with. Later, you can vary the size of paper for different flower sizes!

2. Stack the pieces of tissue paper and fold it like you are folding a fan or an accordion (fold about 1 inch perpendicular to the edge; flip it over, and fold it along the fold you just made.) You should have about 5-6 folds.

3. Tape a thin piece of tape around the center to hold the folding in place.

4. With the ends held together flat, cut a semi-circle at the end to create a “petal” shape.

5. The fun part! Make the flower bloom by separating the different layers of tissue paper (be gentle; you don’t want to tear it!).

… And Ta-da! Your very own flower!

After you’ve done one, why not make more? Have fun trying new things! For instance, you can change the shape of the petal, the colours of the tissue paper, or even add more layers so you make a pom-pom!

The possibilities are truly endless! What will do with your flowers? We'd love to see a photo.

Happy crafting!


Homespun Vintage Designer Interview!

 This is a guest post from Talia Handler, graduating student in Kidswear at Parsons, the New School for Design. 

A couple weeks ago I took a trip to Los Angeles. While I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the lovely designers for a fantastic childrenswear brand called Homespun Vintage. These ladies have such an inspiring passion for what they do, and their passion is clear in their vintage inspired creations.  Check out their Spring/Summer lookbook here. And below is an interview with the talented pair who run HSV.


Who are the creaters of Homespun Vintage, and how did you meet?

HSV was started by Kathlene Linehan & Corrie Sullivan, two second-hand loving, inspiration-seeking moms. We met at a church creative retreat in Big Bear through a mutual friend.

How did you come to create your line?

Kathlene had been stockpiling vintage pieces and Corrie had a smallbusiness doing appliqued kids onesies & t-shirts. The idea came to combine the two and create some nostalgic one of a kind pieces that have been modernized a bit. With the success of that, we decided to produce our own “vintage inspired” line to allow for a larger variety of sizes and bigger growth opportunities.

What have been the biggest rewards of having a line of your own?

Creative freedom and flexibility. Seeing kids (other than our own) wearing our pieces

Where do you see your line going in the future?

We would like to hire a team of people to do our sourcing, pr and sales, so we could concentrate more time on original creations.
We’d like to expand into more international markets. It would be fun to do a collaboration with another line or artist.
As vintage becomes more mainstream in the kids arena, we think there are many untapped possibilities in that realm. Also – a runway show – we’d love to be part of kids fashion show.

“Inside The Parsons Studio” Childrenswear Faculty

 This is a guest post from talented senior student, Talia Handler of Parsons. Thanks so much for letting us into your world!

Many people have heard of Parsons, The New School for Design from Project Runway, other people have heard of it from being voted as the top fashion design school in the US, but what most people don’t know about Parsons is that they offer their students the opportunity to focus in childrenswear.  The group of students that I attend class with are all some of the most creative and motivated people I have ever met.  We all chose to design for children because of how much more freedom you have with designing for little kids!  We can use color and texture and pattern and prints and mix it all together without  the constraints that come with designing for adults.



We have two dedicated professors who guide us through designing our senior collections.  We spend class time (12 studio hours a week) sewing and pattern making and fitting our designs on fit models. Everyone has the opportunity to take other studio classes as well, such as zero-waste garment, millenary, shoe design, and hand or machine knitting.  With our building being located right in the garment district of NYC, we are seconds away from fabric and trim stores, as well as many design houses.  We have so many wonderful opportunities, and we all develop our own personal style throughout our 4 years at Parsons.



Professor Francesca Sammaritano (right) with former Earnshaw’s editor Caletha Crawford 


Drawings by Julia Passafiume

 Francesca fitting on model Ava

Jonathon Iovine and Diana Woodside hard at work

 Some beading I am working on

Drawing by Jonathon Iovine

Drawing by Evelyn Tao

FIMI Fashion Fair – Valencia, Spain


This is a guest post from Carlos García, a journalist based in Spain. He worked as a stylist at this FIMI Fashion Show!

Being at a Fashion Show it’s always fun, but there is something special in the air when it’s a kids’ one. FIMI Valencia (International Children’s and Young People’s Fashion Fair) is back with his 76th edition and a catwalk full of color, trends and, most importantly, kids.

Do you want to know what our children are going to wear next winter? The wait is over. It’s Russia time. Fur, coats and a bright green Emerald –Pantone color of the year 2013- are the key elements in the world created by Bimbalina, the perfect collection to go on a trip to snowy Moscow.

Backstage at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada


The always fun Agatha Ruiz de la Prada put a touch of color and heart in the runway with a collection full of ‘pretty clowns’. Being one of the biggest names in Spanish Fashion it was obvious that backstage was going to be just crazy. Those magical minutes where the work of months make sense. But one thing we can’t deny, and it’s that kids just wanna have fun and Miss Ruiz de la Prada knew how to make smile all the little girls at the backstage by giving them the amazing red shoes they wore at the catwalk. You should have seen their faces – it was like Christmas!


Larrana + Jo&Jo

Get your tickets because we’re heading to the train station with Larrana and Jo&Jo. Texture, soft colours and timeless designs as we’re at one of the most theatrical fashion shows of FIMI. Barcarola and Oca Loca also worked the stage with our very own Anna Wintour (Well, a mini version of her) and a wintery adaptation of Skyfall.



Miniature version of Anna Wintour!


Lea Lelo

But Lea Lelo was the real deal when we talk about ‘a theatrical show’. Susana Mazzarino, the designer behind the shoes brand, created a version of Tchaikowsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ to present her new collection. The Mouse King, the Prince and even the little mousses came to life showing that kids’ fashion can be just a game, and who doesn’t want to play?




Rochy and Foque added some British style while Bóboli showed us the rural side of our little models. FIMI has become one of the biggest fairs in Europe so don’t forget to book your flight to Spain next summer. See you all at 77th FIMI Valencia in June!

And here is a complete list of brands participating at FIMI Fashion Show: Agatha Ruíz de la Prada. Bimbalina. Rochy, Lea Lelo, Larrana + Jo&Jo, Foque, Oca Loca, Barcarola, Bóboli

Telluride Mini-Guide

This is a guest post from Talia Handler, senior student in Childrenswear at Parsons, The New School in NYC.


Living in New York City, life can get very hectic. Something I have looked forward to for the last three years is my family trip to Telluride, Colorado in the winter. Telluride is a beautiful escape, and a great city for a family who loves the outdoors and breathtaking scenery. Telluride is a small and secluded town tucked in the mountains of Colorado.



The most popular activity Telluride has to offer is skiing and snowboarding on their endless mountains. They offer lessons for every age, and have mountains that are compatible with any skill level.



Telluride has one of the longest ski lifts in America, taking ten minutes to transport you to the top of a few of the slopes. The views on the ride make it worth every minute.



Telluride is a child friendly town, and great for families. Most of the kids go down the slopes faster than the adults! And for the kids who aren’t interested in outdoors activities, you can take them down the main street in town through the local shops, many of which offer eco-friendly clothing for all ages and allergy sensitive food choices, making it easy to dine as a family.



Another choice for those who are not into heights would be to take a knitting lesson at the local yarn store, Needle Rock Fiberarts, where all the yarns are natural and hand dyed. The store even has a children’s section in the back, offering delicate yarn choices and instructions on how to knit a mini sweater or stuffed owl.



Above all, Telluride is a great town for a family vacation, with something for everyone to take part in. If not for the skiing, go for the beautiful views of the Colorado mountains.




DIY: Fairy Wings or Bird Wings

This is a guest post from Jennifer of beautiful online shop: Scamp Baby Gifts

Fairy or Bird Wings Tutorial

What you need:
• 4 lengths of wicker
• Clingfilm
• Coloured Tissue
• Watered Down PVA glue
• Tape
• Ribbon
• Decorations
• Piece of sponge

1. Take two equal lengths of wicker and softly bend until the join together at the base. Tape the ends together and tape a few times around the frame … and repeat for the second wing!

2. Cover each wing completely in cling film by wrapping it around both sides

3. Tape the base of the two wings together at the bottom (at the angle you want the wings to be)

4. Take the sponge and tape this around the joined ends (makes wearing the wings a bit softer on your back!)

5. Cut two small lines (per wing) into the cling film – at the base of each wing and further up along the top side. Once the bottom lines have been cut the top lines are made after placing the wings onto the child and working out how the straps will fit most comfortably. Use four pieces of ribbon – one per slit. Finally, fit the wings onto the child’s back and then tie the individual pieces of ribbon together to hold the wings in place.

6. Now for the bit the kids love most! Mix up a PVA and water mixture (so you get a very runny glue) and dab it all over the cling film. Cover in tissue paper on both sides then dab more of the mixture to make sure it sticks really well together. Decorate on top to your hearts content! Remember – you may need to re-feed the ribbon back through

7. and, that’s it … you are ready to fly, fly away!




3 Top, Free Things To Do in Amsterdam & Rotterdam With Kids – Summer 2012

This is a guest post from Noa Haim from Paper Collective Aesthetics



Papabubble is a candy artisans shop + workshop located at Staalstraat 16 Amsterdam. Apart from the beautiful display of sugar ‘art work’ you can watch the process of Scandinavian candy-making technique. Each candy production set is starting with designing a giant sushi-like mold which is rolled on a warm surface until becoming a perfect roll. From that step, the roll is stretched to tiny tubes and chopped into individual candies. Mika , Dominik and their team are doing about four candy – making sessions each day and you are welcome to join them.




On the other side of the street Staalstraat 7A the Dutch design label, Droog has opened a fairytale garden. The 150 square meters of open inner-courtyard designed by Corinne Julhiet and Claude Pasqer, made us feel as we have just entered a fantasy land. Handmade wire sculptures – in the form of flowers that attract and feed the birds, giant mushrooms that function as seats and shelter for firewood, and other fantastically sculptured surprises.




Traveling by train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam is convenient. The views outside of the wagon provide a hint into rural and urban typical living situations in Holland.





In the spirit of summer & football The Netherlands Architecture Institute was hosting morePlatz (Caro Baumann and Johannes Schele) installation ‘Siedlung’. A group of orange small tents was populating the grass lawns around the institute, invading the entrance area and floating in the water pools in front of the institute. Children as parents, could take advantage of them, and spend the entire evening in a mobile city structure.