Riva Reno Gelato – Milan

This post is from guest blogger, Amy Johnson, a new transplant in Milan.

Ciao from Milano, where it’s hot but the indulgence cool and creamy. This post from the Mediterranean is all about gelato, the dreamy Italian delicacy sold in no fewer than three shops per street and enjoyed by everyone from elderly ladies to gorgeously suited businessmen at all hours of the day. In my 2-kilometer linear existence so far, my favorite place is Riva Reno (Viale Col di Lana, 8). Only the lovely folks who work there outshine this bright shop that serves this delicious gelato. My little one can’t get enough of it and cried when he’d licked dry his “cuppa piccola” of San Lucas, a white chocolate flavor. I feel like I ought to try the 10 or so other fruit-based and desserty flavors, but this San Lucas fills my dreams. Bonus: The three people who have served me so far all spoke English and were thrilled to help me learn Italian.