Baby Suommo Cribs

I just found the dream baby bassinet a bit too late. I am just in love with this DODO womb (at the top) by Baby Suommo, a luxury Spanish company dedicated to developing safe children’s furniture, with the highest quality materials like fine woods and silks. And then there is the futuristic, fantastic design.

And the rocking cradle, MOVEO (just above)  is a cradle-minicrib concept that is also to die for. They all have their special BabyAirflow system, for better circulation for all those Moms who worry about that – I know I did. And the handy thing is that they all come with multidirectional wheels, so they can be moved easily. I am swooning over these beds. And believe it or not, their GRAND SONNO crib below actually transforms into a bed, a desk or you can make shelves out of part of it. Talk about reusing. Talk about cool.

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