Art Installation in Greenwich Village

Here is the next in our series of Public Art Projects with neighborhood kids, and like the first, (see here) using balloons! This is is entitled, “Belle of the Ball” or “All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go.”  I figured that I cover fashion for kids – why not for our beautiful tree here? The kids were troopers yet again and some other Moms and nannies also helped inflate over 200 balloons towards creating my vision. A real community project. And again, the sun played its part in making this piece really glow. Kids came and went and asked me, “Why are you making a dress for that tree”? My answer remains, “Because it’s fun!” They didn’t disagree.

And then when we were all done, the kids went crazy playing under Madame’s skirts, and then took all the balloons home. Not a bad day’s work.

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