Bambino Beads Personalized Jewelry

Look at my little Bambino beaming with her new set of Bambino Beads, the kid’s jewelry that has really taken off in the UK! What little kid wouldn’t want one of these fun pieces with their own important name on it?! Oona has been having a ball with them and because they have handy magnetic clasps, she sometimes joins the bracelet to the necklace, making the necklace longer or uses it as a lead for her little sister  – they both hold one end and walk around the apartment. Well, they think it’s fun..and the beads are withstanding all this extra-curricular play. And we are honored that Bambino Beads has designed and added this set to their collection named after Oona!! See below. The jewelry is all hand-made by lovely Bambino Beads owner, Helen, a former image consultant, with wooden beads, ladybird charms for the girls, and pirate charms for the boys and if you want something specific, she will make it all happen. See the whole range here. Helen is the mother of twin boys and has a very interesting and personal  blog too!

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