Beautiful Tutu du Monde Birthday Party!

This is a guest post from the lovely Andrea Rembeck of Tutu Du Monde (who is also one of my sponsors). She has very graciously shared her daughter’s birthday party with us that took place in Sydney, Australia. And what a  party!



The occasion was my daughter Alyna’s 8th birthday and she wanted a Alice in Wonderland (Tutuland) party…




All her friends were super excited to arrive and get changed into a Tutu du Monde tutu, twirl and pose whilst eating their way through the gorgeous birthday cake, and array of other goodies, like Macarons, cupcakes, custard tarts and Fairy Bread cutouts.





The tutu cake had six different layers of cake graduating from yellow to dark pink.


There’s the Fairy Bread top right. It’s an Australian thing: white bread with butter sprinkled with hundreds and thousands!




At the end of the party they got to take home a goodie bag containing tutus rather than sweets – they’d clearly had eaten enough treats by that stage…

My life savers:
Event Styling: Vanessa Sheldrick
Photography: Hannah Scott-Stevenson
Baking: Ivy Puterflam

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