Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.43.22 PMdiy_snail_costume_halloween

1. Snail Costume from Oh Happy Day

I love really creative and home-made looking costumes and found these wonderful ones that are easy (some of them anyway) to put together and have that crafty, original feel.  You might be able to throw one of these together if you are running a bit behind. From my experience, these are the kinds of costumes kids often appreciate the most because Mama Love was put into it!


2. Mummy Costume from Kelly Gorney Photography


3. Bee Costume from Simple as That


4. Paper Angel Wings from A Glamour Affair


5. Lion Costume from Captain and the Gypsy Kid


6. Alice in Wonderland on Misha Lulu blog 

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