Camu Camu – Winter 2013



This Brazilian range has a very peculiar name: Camu Camu, after a native fruit from the coastal regions of the Amazon River. Did you know that this fruit contains the highest concentration of vitamin C known on the planet, about twenty times more than the cherry-of-Antilles and a hundred times more than a lemon? I had no idea myself.
Founded in 1974 by Maria Antonia Scudeler for boys and girls from to 0 to 12 years old, Camu Camu’s winter 2013 collection is inspired by Turkish culture and landscapes. The geometric prints mix alongside with some pieces made with resin applied to the fabric that give them a leather aspect are the highlight of the collection. Animals like the peacock, camel and giraffe gain prominence by interacting with the child- some of them live in the garment’s pockets following them wherever they go. You can see more on their website, here.