Cat Shaped School – (Jardin die Katze) Germany


A cat shaped school – Bellissima Cat is purring up a storm over this one! Going back to school is on everyone’s mind right about now and what a fantastic place to call school.

“Le jardin d’enfants Die Katze” is the symbol of French-German friendship and is the result of the operation “Europe Without Borders”  between the Baden-Württemberg and Alsatian regions. Tomi Ungerer, internationally acclaimed artist, both an ambassador of childhood and of Alsatian origin, created this original space with architects, d’Ayla-Suzan Yöndel. He chose his favorite animal, crouching like a sphinx, ready to spring on it’s prey. The children enter by the mouth like mice being swallowed, the paws are the play spaces, the stomach is the coatroom, classroom, kitchen, dining room and stairway. On the second floor, the head of the cat is the main hall, bathed in sunlight streaming in through the eyes and ears. The flat roof has a grassy area which is the fur of the cat and like all respectable cats, he digests his mice by way of slides which are under his tail! Everything is designed for learning while having fun. The school accommodates about a hundred lucky children who will always remember their childhood with nostalgia as it’s not everyone who gets to go to school in a cat!






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  1. Can’t get over how amazing this is. The attention to design detail specifically for school children is brilliant.

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