Top Kids Fashion Brands from Barcelona

February 25th, 2015



What do I bring you this time from Barcelona? Four fantastic kids fashion brands! I’m pretty sure you already know some of them, but some others not. Hope you’ll enjoy my selection!

Let’s start with the littlest ones: clothing and accessories for new borns and babies by Cranc& Friends, founded by Carolina in 2012. Inspired by nature, sea, technology and using 100% organic cotton and toxic free printings, Cranc & Friends creates lovely beannies, booties, pacifier holders and soft toys for newborns. Sweet and colorful illustrations and minimal design for a warm welcome to newborns.
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A Day in Barcelona (Montjuic)

September 11th, 2014


This is the first post of our lovely new correspondent from Barcelona, Laia Arriols – an illustrator, photographer and owner of Apanona, a beautiful online shop filled with her gorgeous items and illustrations! A huge welcome and we look forward to many great posts like this one!

 Montjuïc is a mountain in Barcelona nearby the sea. It’s an historical and emblematic place of the city with lot of history. The Olympic Games that took place in Barcelona in 1992 gave a new relevance to the mountain and became a very popular place of the city. Yet, it has museums, schools, stadiums, pools, beautiful gardens, etc. So, Barcelona residents usually choose this mountain to spend their leisure and sport time.

The idea for this family journey to Barcelona, was to spend all day in Montjuïc by doing all kinds of cultural and leisure activities.
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3 Top, Free Things to Do in Barcelona With Kids

August 17th, 2012

This is a guest post from Carina of  XO- In My Room line of original furniture and blog.


1. The Labyrinth Park

The park includes an eighteenth-century neo-classical garden and a nineteenth century romantic garden. All over the park there are a large number of sculptures and many fountains, waterfalls, springs and ponds. In the middle of the park, is the Labyrinth, which is a lot of fun for children who like to get lost in it as they try to find their way out.The Labyrinth Park is the oldest park in Barcelona and since it’s located outside of the tourist radius, (in the district of Horta in the north part of the city) it’s something of an undiscovered treasure.To maintain the park’s beauty, a maximum of only 750 persons are allowed to enter each day. A small amount is required at the entrance to help maintenance and on Sundays and Wednesdays it is free.

The park was built in 1791 by the marquis and landowner Joan Antoni Desvalls of d’Ardena, at the same time the construction of the Desvall palace began. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Desvall palace was a meeting place for the society’s elite. Over the years, three kings have paid a visit to the gardens. When you walk around the garden, it’s easy to imagine how it looked during the celebrations once held there; the outdoor theatre, the beautiful outfits and exquisite food, the children playing games in the labyrinth…




2. The Magic Fountain

Quite spectacular is “The magic fountain” created in 1929 by architect Carlos Buigas for the Universal Expo. It is very popular specially during summer nights (it’s all year round) because of the high temperatures we have in the city, kids like to stand very close to the fountain, and get wet when the breeze blows. The fountain changes colours and pressure of the water according to the music. The showtimes with music now in summer are from 9 p.m. up to 11p.m. every half hour.




3. The Blue Museum, Barcelona

This is a brand new museum!

The Blue Museum designed by architects, Herzog & de Meuron, occupies 9,000 square meters distributed on two floors with modern installations and facilities, built around an immense, free-access hall which is the start and finish point for all the Museum programmes and services: the reference exhibition «Planet Life», the temporary exhibition areas, the Media library, the Science Nest for children aged 0-6 years, the workshops, the cafeteria, the restaurant and the shop and much more.

Herzog & de Meuron, were also responsible for adapting the new Museum premises and for the museographic design of the Planet Life exhibition, a journey through the history of life and its evolution in tandem with our planet, and a portrait of the present day.  The museum is always free for children under 16 and for adults the free admission is on First Sunday of every month and every Sunday after 3 pm.










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