Mini-Maven Magazine – The Escape Issue

Mini-Maven came out with their latest issue – The Escape Issue. And like the first issue, it’s amazing. The photography is unparalleled and the labels and stories are interesting and of the moment. I like what Kymberly is doing with this publication. And also love the names of the scenarios. We have titles like “Fairytale Muse”, “Attention Please”, “The Sweet Escape” and the like.

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Mini Maven Launches Fall/Winter 2016 ICONIC Print Issue


It’s here! MINI MAVEN Launches Fall/Winter 2016 ICONIC Print Issue

My friend Kymberly Marciano (who I featured a while back) and her team have done it – a wonderful and sophisticated approach to Children’s Fashion in a Modern World. The admired digital destination for the stylish child and parent, launched their printed issue. The issue features beautifully curated and exquisite editorials by creatives from around the world celebrating stylish muses and aspects of the industry that are forever iconic. Innovative fashion, culture and inspiration are the foundations for each story, flawlessly celebrating all things we love for the little ones and their modern world.

The mag features cutting edge fashion editorials with inspirations from our favorite style icons including, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, James Dean, Frida Khalo, Charlie’s Angels and Mickey Mouse, to name a few!

Mini-Maven is shining a spotlight on featured brands April Showers, Junona, Paade Mode, Pippa & Julie, Tuchinda, and Tutu Du Monde along with Child prodigy Elisabeth Anisimow and renowned children’s wardrobe and prop stylist Heather Rome. Jena Holliday makes an appearance once again to illustrate nine global style setters who are shaping the ever-changing modern world of lifestyle and fashion.

Many talented artists joined forces to participate in this publication in part because of Kymberly’s passion for children’s fashion, philanthropic causes and her vast experience as photographer, creative director and director. Marciano notes, “Working with notable creatives, stylists, photographers and brands have brought this Iconic issue to life, thus bringing you the highly anticipated print issue coming your way this Fall!”

And here are some images from the mag! And you can order your copy right here.











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mini-maven-the-iconic-issue-woodland-wonderland-1 mini-maven-the-iconic-issue-woodland-wonderland-2 mini-maven-the-iconic-issue-woodland-wonderland-3 mini-maven-the-iconic-issue-woodland-wonderland-4



Emily Dewan Photography for Families



I’ve met and chatted with Emily Dewan a few times and was intrigued by her idea of taking photographs for the first year of your baby’s life. I wish I had known about her earlier! She calls this program the “A Year in Your Life” and I’m guessing she might step in and take any year of a kid’s life if you ask her!

Here is what she says about this experience:

“There’s nothing quite like your baby’s first year. Each day you’ll see new developments, and your whole family will be changing and evolving constantly. All the new little routines and moments… the cute song you all sing every evening, the way he grabs at you while feeding – there’s magic in the mundane. The first year will go by in the blink of an eye, and you’re going to want to capture all of those moments and milestones. Imagine how sweet it will be to bring her to school for the first time, and then look back at these images from years before. I always enjoy looking through my own family’s albums, to relive so many moments, big and small. I want every family to experience that joy, and that is why I’m creating this project.”


Emily has a very interesting and almost documentary style which illustrates moments whether they are special or just everyday stuff.

She also of course also does guided sessions. She’s based in New York City so if you are lucky enough to live here, go for it. Here is her website to see more great photos.

And if you don’t live in NYC, just ask her where she is traveling to and it might just be to your city!








Bellissima Kids is on Periscope!



Hi Everyone. We have exciting news! Bellissima Kids will also be broadcasting live on Periscope from now on. We already did a couple of broadcasts and will be downloading them so we can share them here from time to time!

If you aren’t aware, Periscope is a new social media platform (that you can download the app for on iPhone and Androids), that streams LIVE broadcasts which stay up for exactly 24 hours and then poof! But you can then record and watch later (if you want) and we will be adding some really good ones to our Youtube Channel (which is right here). So, the beauty of this is that you can connect with us in real time and see what we are doing.
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Costume Test photos of Kids from Famous Films



Elizabeth Taylor costume test for National Velvet. 


These Costume tests of kids from famous films fascinate me of course. My background of fashion/costume designer, actress, filmmaker and film buff make it impossible for me not to be fascinated!  What we don’t see when we see a film is all of the work and preparation – all of the filming of just the costumes before the film is under way.

Costume test photos are a necessity for filmmakers and designers to get a clear picture of how colors, fabrics, and styles and also hair and makeup will appear on the big screen and also how various costumes play together. The snapshots sometimes reveal a different side of the star in costume and tell a little story all of its own. The photos sometimes become an art form in their own right. And much of the wardrobe and costumes from films has influenced fashion…including children’s fashion.
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DIY Truffula Trees



Okay, I found a winner here! What kid does not love the Lorax? And don’t you just want to make those beautiful Truffula Trees come back to life? Where’s how you can do that…make these really sweet DIY Truffula Trees. Go right here to get all the details and to make it happen. This is a super-easy craft which I think has a pretty fun effect.

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Angle on Artist – Jennie Harbour, Illustrator



This next artist in our Angle on Artists series is Jennie Harbour.

Every now and then,  I come across an illustrator who blows my socks right off, and Art Deco era illustrator, Jennie Harbour is one of these. The beauty and emotion and finesse of these illustrations moves me so much. I get lost in them.

Between 1917 and 1936 she captivated the public with her art, not only in the United Kingdom but also the United States, Argentina, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Portugal and Spain. Despite her rise to fame, today there is virtually no record of her life before and after these dates. Due to a recent revival in popularity, her work is becoming more highly sought.

These are from My Favourite Book of Fairy Tales by Edric Vredenberg. I just managed to find a copy on ebay!
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Paris by Chanel – Inside Chanel


I just had to publish this video on Bellissima Kids – a very stylish and upbeat history of the House of Chanel. And I can’t resist because when I was a young fashion design student, Coco Chanel was one of my idols. So much so that I named my first and second rundown student cars after her! Yep. Coco and Coco 2. And my years in Paris on top of it…

Here’s the synopsis: Immerse yourself in the street where it all began, la rue Cambon. Leave the black and white sobriety of the Haute Couture salon and enter the baroque world of Mademoiselle’s apartment. Then, indulge at the Ritz, before opening the door of 18, Place Vendôme to discover the world of Fine Jewelry. Finally, gaze upon the monumental theater of the CHANEL fashion shows: the Grand Palais.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Wonderful Kids Photographer – Tanya Alexis



Here is a wonderful, award winning kid’s photographer and family photographer, Tanya Alexis! We met Tanya this summer in New York while we were running our very first lemonade stand under the arches of Washington Square Park. She liked our lemonade and we liked her photos!

Although based in LA, Tanya, works in NYC from time to time. Take a look at all the wonderful shots where kids are kids, on her site.

And I have included a little interview with her about her process. Scroll down to read it!
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