Wanderlust – Montana Magica Lodge, Los Rios Chile



It must be the time I’m having off for the holidays because I have been struck by a huge Wanderlust and just came across this Montana Magica Lodge in Los Rios Chile…and want to go there, as well as many other places, right now!

Deep in southern Chile lies the Montana Magica Lodge. This extraordinary hotel is hidden away in the centre of a 300,000-acre private nature reserve. The strange volcano-like building spews water instead of lava every day. And it has welcoming windows that look like they belong in The Hobbit, adorned with moss and vines.

If you stay here at this extraordinary hotel I must warn you, the only way in is by balancing on a swinging rope bridge!
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The World’s First Pop-Up Sandcastle Hotels



The World’s First Pop-Up Sandcastle Hotel has happened in the Netherlands and I can’t think of a cooler place to take the kids. Well, not as cool as the temporary ice hotels that sprout up around the world each year. However, visitors to those hotels are subjected to sleeping on ice beds in sub-zero temperatures and have no access to electricity or Wi-Fi. The guests at the two sand hotels do not have to suffer through such hardships.
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Atlantis, The Bahamas – A Review



Summer is here and I’m dreaming full-time of all the place we want to go with the kids that I have been keeping under the lid all winter. That exciting surge of summer energy as well as my yearning for adventure peaks…as I’m sure yours does. Apart from going to Martha’s Vineyard last year, which I blogged about here, we really did do something that was on my bucket list. We went to Atlantis in the Bahamas! And I even blogged about an aspect of this experience over here on my other site.

The girls are dying to go back. Solène spent the entire time, (once she got over her fear) in a constant state of marvel. She kept turning around and seeing something new and saying, “Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness”!
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Aire Ancient Baths – New York City




What an experience Aire Ancient Baths are. An absolute gem for New York moms who need a spa day! I went along with a friend a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to share this place with you.

Upon arrival, we sat on leather couches and warm retro chairs and sipped mint tea from silver teapots. Then we were ushered into their beautifully appointed change rooms and then made our way to the baths. This is when the real experience started. We entered a whole new world reminiscent of ancient Rome –  with the experience as in Roman times when the people went from warm to hot to cold to steam and then had a massage. My favorite bath was the salt bath, where you can actually float without a care. We had a massage afterwards which topped off the experience. I have to say that this place is absolutely a unique experience and quite amazing. They have succeeded in achieving a true bath house feeling that does seems ancient and for me, the whole aspect of feeling like I had stepped back in time was fascinating. The space is beautiful and relaxing  and they have managed to make every single detail a perfection even down to lighting. The staff are also extremely friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going back here.

I have included tons of photos as I really want to give you an idea of the gorgeous architecture and design of this place.
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La Balade des Gnomes, Kid’s Hotel – Belgium




Okay. That’s it. We want to go to Belgium, just to be able to stay at La Balade des Gnomes (which means Walk of the Gnomes)!

This unique hotel boasts 10 extraordinarily-decorated and furnished bedrooms, evoking ideas from the four corners of the world, re-interpreted as fairy tales. Hidden in an unassuming farmhouse up a pleasant country lane, this amazing property was designed and built by architect and visionary hotelier Mr Noël. Originally opening an innovative restaurant, La Gargouille (the Gargoyle), specializing in delicious dishes using local ingredients and bio-organic produce, he has taken inspiration from fairytales to construct these amazing bedrooms, next door to the restaurant. Defying normal classification, these rooms highlight incredible imagination, attention to detail and sheer audacity to delight guests.

So, if you are ever going to be in Durbuy, which is not too far from Liége, then don’t miss it! 

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Hotel Hüttenpalast – Berlin

What an amazing family hotel this is in Berlin. In fact, I find it completely intriguing. The different rooms and various scenarios are charming and full of imagination. Hotel Hüttenpalast in Neukölln is designed with the “room-in-room” concept, where the guests stay in caravans or huts inside a big building. There are also common spaces where guests can meet and interact. You can also book regular hotel rooms with private bathrooms, if you weren't into this semi-camping setup. They also have a vegetarian restaurant and a nice garden with a little playground. Prices start at €45 per night – family rooms for 4 people 130 €. Hobrechtstrasse 65/66, Berlin. Berlin, here we come!



Richard Gere’s Bedford Post Inn


We took a trip the other day to upstate New York to go apple picking and pumpkin picking and just to see the glorious fall foliage. And believe it or not, I was just so enamored of the foliage, I forgot to get some good photos, but hope to be posting some from our next trip!

And on the way, we stopped by Richard Gere’s and wife, Carey Lowell’s Bedford Post Inn, which is well… really quaint. Here we are in The Barn, the cafe type restaurant – which serves excellent organic teas and coffees, cakes, pastries and a simple gourmet menu. They also have a fine dining restaurant called The Farmhouse, which we will not be venturing into until the girls are well past the “plastic cups with straws” stage. The B&B was designed by Carey Lowell and Tiffany Vassilakis, has eight rooms and the attention to detail is really wonderful. They have gone to great lengths to maintain a rustic, minimalistic and low-key feel to everything. So, if you are passing through Bedford, worth stopping by. Oh, and no, we didn’t see Richard Gere…



The munchkins at the zen pool

Lounging outside the yoga loft

One of the guest rooms

I just love the streamlined and homey reception area.


Eloise At The Plaza Shop (and Guestroom)


If you are in New York and your little one loves the Eloise books, and you would never dream of springing for the Eloise room designed by Betsey Johnson (see photo below) at $995 per night,  this is the place to go! This shop is a rhapsody in pink and they have done a really good job creating a little Eloise world in what is not such a large space. They also have items for any budget. I usually pop over here with the girls when we are near this corner of Central Park or FAO Schwarz. They love it here and what little girl wouldn’t? It’s on the basement level of the Plaza Hotel of course.


Main room

The tea party room which you can book for birthday parties or when there is no birthday party going on, the kids can have their own imaginary tea party.


The Reading Room where there is a DVD of the movie, Eloise playing non-stop. The kids can just lounge on the beanbags and watch or read the books there.


The Eloise grand little piano. Love this!

The Eloise Suite designed by Betsey Johnson