Sweden’s Archipelago

August 14th, 2012

Here is a guest post from Gina of the beautiful Swedish blog, Willowday.

Starting with the Stockholm archipelago and it’s 20,000 islands, this area is the perfect introduction to Sweden with typical countryside and sea life coexisting harmoniously. The islands are both lush and green and then, granite rock. You can find fully functioning red farms on some islands, alongside summer houses, selling their local seasonal produce at the dock or if you prefer, an island to yourself to moor up to or the opposite: a restaurant and cafes with a beat. This all begins to unfold just 10 minutes outside of Stockholm with easy ferry rides to take you to the outer limits. If you visit Stockholm, a visit to the archipelago is a must.

Drive 5 hours south west to the Atlantic and you are in Bohuslän, which, in contrast to the green Stockholm archipelago is the golden, rocky coast known as Sweden’s west coast. These islands are set on the Atlantic with restaurants teaming with seafood and sail boats speckling the blue water against the more barren backdrop of beautiful naked rock hills. Precious meadows are alive with wildflowers that magically break the strong profiles of the hills and the combination is breathtaking and compelling.






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En Ljummen i Gräset Music Festival – Stockholm

July 27th, 2011


Being a music loving, young (yes, if 40 is the new 20 then 31 is definitely the new 11) and outgoing person stuck in a confused mama body, it is with sadness I’ve noticed I can’t go out to gigs anymore. Turns out, dark clubs and late nights don’t do well with breastfeeding duty. That is why I am super happy that it’s soon time for the mini music festival, En Ljummen i Gräset (A Lukewarm in the Grass..somehow sounds better in Swedish). My friend and former colleague Peder and his companion Arvid are the masterminds behind this cosy little festival taking place on a piece of grass just by Vinterviken in Aspudden.

“All ages are extremely welcome” they state on their website, so Sixten and I are going. Kids ear muffs and mosquito net for the stroller are on the to-bring list. Festival dates this year are July 30 and August 7. Entrance is 60 SEK.They sell food and drinks there so no need to bring a picnic this time!

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Rosendahl’s Rose Garden, Stockholm

July 15th, 2011

The photo is of a beetroot, feta salad with of course, roses!

And we end our Flower Theme with this post. We hope you have enjoyed it!

Everyone must go to Rosendahl’s Rose Garden. Why? Because it’s beautiful and filled with all kinds of roses. See their website to check out which varieties are in bloom. Sweden is not known for having the best climate for roses so make sure to go there while it’s warm. And relax-they do coffee and delicious things to eat there as well. One of their green houses is a café where they serve eco and biodynamic food. In their store they sell home made bread and lots more, so you can buy a little piece of Rosendal to bring home. Located in the beautiful Djurgården you can bring the whole family! And do take the boat from Slussen instead of the bus. It’s just so much nicer.

Ps. The garden is amazing in winter too. They hang small mirrors from the tree branches, letting the sun kiss it’s own reflection in the mirrors, making the white snow sparkle even more. Simply beautiful.

But before you run off to the garden, you need something to sit on. Check out this flowery picnic blanket from Emmaloppa, a wonderful Swedish brand. Even before having my baby boy, I was buying their clothes as presents for my friends. Now I  am so excited to buy them for keeps. And being the responsible Mama I am, Sixten will of course have his sun hat on. This green one is so cute.


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