Claire’s Accessories – Perfect for Stocking Stuffers

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Bella Pendant Cameo Necklace

So, here is my tip for a place where you can get so many sweet things at a very affordable price for Stocking Stuffers and also for girl’s party favors. Also great when you need to stock up on hair accessories or fun fashion or costume jewelry.

I went a bit wild with Claire’s this Christmas as it’s just a one-stop shop. Here are some of the things the girls will be finding in their stockings come Christmas! As you can see, we are pretty big on hair accessories. You can get them online at Claire’s  (they are having a big 50% off sale right now and last minute E-Gift cards) or pop into one of the stores worldwide. They have a huge selection.

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Beaded Rhinestone Headwrap


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Blue and White Daisies Garland Headwrap


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Silver Sweet Treats Charm Bracelet from the Katy Perry Collection

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Mini Rose Hair Clips