Clementine, the Latest Girl for All Time!



Clementine, the latest Girl For All Time doll is of course, a huge hit at our place! This  is the third Girl For All Time doll the girls have and they are their hands-down favorite dolls. They also have taken really good care of them which is exceptional.

This Clementine is a 40’s doll which I found really unexpected and original. It’s not like everyone is even thinking of creating a doll based on a character who was a little girl in the 40’s. As usual, the doll comes with a book all of her own and wonderful costumes which are actually designed by famous costumiers in London who do all the costumes for Dr Who, Downton Abbey, and plays at the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, and the Barbican!



And the fab things is they have just launched another new doll from the 60’s called Sam!

They are still shipping for Christmas but the last call is December 19th, so if you are looking for a wonderful doll for someone special, here is their site which you can order from the US or the UK.

Here are the girls with their beloved Amelia dolls.



And of course, I love seeing behind the scenes of any process! Here are some sketches, working boards and photos of some of the photo shoots. What draws me and other to the Girl For All Time brand is their sense of drama and productions.




clementine_7 \clementine_9