Cool Picks for Mother’s Day!

Here is my ultra-eclectic short list for all kinds of moms! There’s still time for loved ones take your hints about some of this list as Mother’s Day is one week away. Otherwise, you can always keep these in mind for your birthday or just because.

1. Google Glass

Okay, so you have probably heard all about these sci-fi type glasses and frankly, I want a pair even though they scare and amaze me at the same time. Must be the daredevil in me! They do everything from take a picture, google whatever you want and many other commands just by saying them. That tiny bit of glass is actually the screen. At $1500 a pair, I think most of us will want to wait until they are fully launched and more fully developed at a more realistic price. If you must have them now, here they are!



2. Custom Family Portrait

Love these sweet custom portraits by Henry James Paper Goods. He has a conversation with you about the family, you send him photos and explain customary outfits that family members wear and voila!  Check out his Etsy store here.




3. Dirty Little Secrets of Otherwise Perfect Moms

This is a great one for all you Bellissima Moms out there! This book by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile (authors of I’d Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper) is a quick-witted and easy read of real Mom confessions. One thing I read in it that I must say I have been tempted to try myself: “My kids don’t wear pj’s on school nights. They go to bed in their school clothes so I don’t have to fight with them about their outfits in the morning.”  Available here.


4.  Yellow Teapot

I have a thing for teapots, which goes hand in hand with my thing for tea I guess…”My” tabletop series from Dutch design group Jansen+Co. has provided us with this unusual and simple teapot. I could really go for this! Available here!



5. Mother’s Day Petits Fours

If you are in NYC, there is still time for the hubby to go in and nab these perfect little petits fours from Dean & Deluca or if you want some for your Mom, go for it.



6. Aspinal Brook Street Bag

Here’s a luxurious one for all you handbag lovers. I confess. I want this Aspinal of London Brook Street Bag…wouldn’t mind the vintage car either!



7.  Mother’s Day Tissue Paper Flower Card

And last but not least, here’s one for the kids to make for Mom! And the full tutorial is here.