Corby Tindersticks – Tees, Toys and Posters!

What a great printed poster with their cute graphics!

I am so taken with the imaginary world of Corby Tindersticks (just love the name)  and their cute and quirky tees, toys, hoodies and posters! Hailing from Yorkshire, Corby is the new exciting venture of Nick and Carly, a talented duo who are dedicated to producing fair-trade and organic-when-possible fun items not only for kids but the grown-ups too. All of their toys are hand made in the UK out of cotton and wool. Sweet. Take a look at their coming 2012 Summer Collection here!

This little fellow is called Pic ‘n Mix and I want to take him home right now!

A perfect tee for the boys in black and charcoal and more adorable trinkets

More cuteness with attitude!

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