Decorative Tiles and Kites from Petit Pan



Petit Pan Paris has a fab range of 40 types of decorative tiles for kid’s rooms, fabrics, home decor items, cushions children’s and baby clothes and even kites! Also, a very cute and quirky selection of random items like crazy tea cozy’s. I’m rather enamored of this online shop, I must admit.

The style is a delicious fusion of colorful Asian and French influences which makes you want to spend all day on this site to make sure you don’t miss anything. Oh and don’t forget their sweet wallpapers! And make sure you scroll down to check out the beautiful Chinese kites.






And the grandfather of Emile, (who is the little boy of the couple who run this store) is a grand master of Chinese kites, and is renowned for his giant dragons which fly in the skies of every continent. And he is the one who designs the kites below and mobiles for Petit Pan. Watch the beautiful video of his work below.