Delectable Samoa Popsicles



It’s Spring and even though it’s not the warmest Spring weather, Oona already started talking about popsicles today. And she got me thinking that popsicles are just the ticket-but something creamy as it’s not yet icy popsicle weather. With the layers of coconut cream pie pudding intermixed with crushed Samoa cookies, these Samoa Popsicles are also dipped in Chocolate Magic Shell and finished them with a sprinkling of toasted coconut. Perfection. I found these on the My Baking Addiction blog and will be making them very, very soon. To see full recipe, go here!

And I will definitely be buying this Zoku Quick Pop™ Maker so we can get these ready to eat in 7 minutes! Yes! I see lots and lots of popsicles in our future.



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