DIY: Fairy Wings or Bird Wings

This is a guest post from Jennifer of beautiful online shop: Scamp Baby Gifts

Fairy or Bird Wings Tutorial

What you need:
• 4 lengths of wicker
• Clingfilm
• Coloured Tissue
• Watered Down PVA glue
• Tape
• Ribbon
• Decorations
• Piece of sponge

1. Take two equal lengths of wicker and softly bend until the join together at the base. Tape the ends together and tape a few times around the frame … and repeat for the second wing!

2. Cover each wing completely in cling film by wrapping it around both sides

3. Tape the base of the two wings together at the bottom (at the angle you want the wings to be)

4. Take the sponge and tape this around the joined ends (makes wearing the wings a bit softer on your back!)

5. Cut two small lines (per wing) into the cling film – at the base of each wing and further up along the top side. Once the bottom lines have been cut the top lines are made after placing the wings onto the child and working out how the straps will fit most comfortably. Use four pieces of ribbon – one per slit. Finally, fit the wings onto the child’s back and then tie the individual pieces of ribbon together to hold the wings in place.

6. Now for the bit the kids love most! Mix up a PVA and water mixture (so you get a very runny glue) and dab it all over the cling film. Cover in tissue paper on both sides then dab more of the mixture to make sure it sticks really well together. Decorate on top to your hearts content! Remember – you may need to re-feed the ribbon back through

7. and, that’s it … you are ready to fly, fly away!