Extremely intricate paper quilling done by Yulia Brodskaya.


Thank you to Lexy Ho-Tai, our crafting guest correspondent for this easy and fun craft.

We love crafts of all sorts here at Bellissima, but we especially love ones where the materials are super simple. Paper Quilling is a great craft because all you need is paper, scissors, glue, and toothpicks! Yet, with so little, you can create so many awesome things!

Estimated Time: As long as you want! Anywhere from minutes to hours.
What You’ll Need: Construction paper, Scissors, Glue, Toothpicks

1. Cut your construction paper into strips. You can vary the width. The ones pictured are about 0.25”, which is a good size to start off with.

2. Wrap your paper strip around a toothpick…

… And ta-da! you have a lovely curl!

3. Experiment with your strips! You can twirl them in different ways, manipulates sides to change the shape, glue certain parts down, and so forth.

4. When you’re happy with a shape, glue it down to a page!

… And create something awesome! You can make cards, bookmarks, drawings… Whatever YOU want!

6. Play around with putting different shapes together to create an image! Here’s a simple flower…

… Here are some awesome animals my younger sister made years ago when she was a kid!

… Here are some more amazing and incredibly intricate pieces by Yulia Brodskaya!


I hope you all love this craft as much as I did. If you give it a try, do send photos our way!



  1. This is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing – I can’t get over that wreath!

  2. Wow, what a great idea! These crafts are absolutely fabulous and are very simple to do. I will definitely be trying this project out with my daughters – I’m know they’ll love it and it’ll keep them busy all summer!

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