DIY Paper Beetle Sculpture Kits by Assembli


Assembli, a Netherlands-based studio which was founded by printing company Lankhorst and designer Joop Bource, is a place where they develop fun and contemporary interior design projects with a creative twist.

They have just released a colorful collection of DIY beetle models made from paper and cardboard, where all of the skeleton parts, wings and body parts interlock together. You can mount them as a very cool piece of decor, or they can be played with by the kids, which is more fun but will shorten their life span considerably! Or you could get two sets and use one for each of these functions.

The model kits are available in three different beetle species including stag, hercules, and atlas, each in various metallic colors. The kits are currently available on Easy and don’t break the bank. You will want to get all of them once you get started.