DIY Paper Mosaic Collage




We finally finished our Paper Mosaic Collage! If you are wondering what to do with all those bits of painted paper that pile up, this is a great idea to use them up. Oona did the initial drawing and I added to it a bit and she was also my cutting assistant. It was not difficult at all and a lot of fun…just time-consuming, but we worked on it a little at a time. If you want to make one too, here’s how:

1. Do your simple line drawing of the design on the paper in marking pen.

2. Cut up the bits of one color of painted paper at a time and keep the different colors in separate sandwich bags for future use.

3. Using a glue stick, fill in one area at a time, pasting the bits of paper. It’s like coloring in with the paper bits.

That’s it. Have fun and do let me know if you attempt this. I would love to do a gallery of these so if you send me a photo of your finished Paper Mosaic, I will credit each creator!