Do you have a Kid’s Fashion Label or Online Shop? Do You Need Help in Making it a Success?


Do you have a Fashion Label for kids or, an online shop… and/or are thinking of starting one? Are you feeling a stuck, frustrated or confused about how to move forward to make your business the success that you had envisioned when you first started?

Well, during my time spent in the Kids’ Fashion Arena, I have noticed that many, many label owners are floundering. Many online fashion shops are floundering. They are unclear about exactly how to make their businesses work, or unclear about how to start a fashion-based business. And I always find that a great shame, especially when many of these people are extremely talented designers and just great people.

Is your vision to be a leading label or brand in your particular niche? To have a business that works and that retailers keep coming back to for orders? Do you want to know what the next step is at all times so you can really grow your business instead of running after it? This can happen…

As many of you know, Bellissima Kids is one of the leading Kidswear inspired blogs internationally. I truly love and care about this industry. I love the people and have made many dear friends, I admire their talent, their drive and I deeply respect wonderful design, construction and originality.

The thing is that I also have a background as a Fashion Designer and Business Consultant and Coach and worked for Wall Street for many years. And I currently help labels (and online shops) get back on track to create great brand awareness, sales and profits and to create a marketing plan and Social Media following that works and converts.

And today, after speaking with yet another fashion business owner who is just not making it, I felt absolutely compelled to offer kid or fashion-related business owners who are readers of Bellissima Kids, a complimentary consultation by phone, where we get really clear about how to get your business to where you want it to be. You can be anywhere in the world to take me up on this!

If you are interested, just email me at: and we will set up a time.

Let’s make this Children’s Fashion industry flourish together!

Success and Love,


2 thoughts on “Do you have a Kid’s Fashion Label or Online Shop? Do You Need Help in Making it a Success?”

  1. Wow, and wow again. That is just so kind and giving of you to offer! I know many of people like me who love to create but cannot begin to understand how to start a shop that is profitable enough to make worth the enormous time and effort that goes into a self run business. I would love to learn more about how to gain loyal customers and where/how to better market myself in the social media world. It seems that after 3 years of blogging I am still in that “who’s she?” category which can become very defeating. Thanks for helping fashion lovers of all sorts to grow and learn about this amazing industry.


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