Dollisimo – Fabric Dress Up Dolls



Dollisimo – Fabric Dress up Dolls are what I would have loved as a little girl!  These sweet dolls satisfy so much fantasy and detail that little girls crave. And clearly, their moms! These dolls come with several clothing items – skirts, shirts, sweaters, bags, and there are accompanying teddy bears for the dolls to have playdates with. The fab thing is everything is mix and match, which is a relief because it all works and there is no putting the right thing on the right doll or having it be orderly in any way. As the girls love it.

The mother with baby below is so, so sweet. What a dream!

The clothes are made with new, vintage and recycled fabric and the prices are extremely affordable, especially as they are hand made.

Take a look at the all the loveliness right here at Dollissimo!