Egg & Yolk Wooden Toy Camera


This wooden toy camera from Egg & Yolk is so sweet. The girls keep asking for iPads and electronic toys and believe it or not, we have held out. I guess that kind of makes us freaks but we feel like we will never have our kids’ attention again, ever if they get iPads. However, we do allow digital cameras! If you also limit electronic toys, we would love to hear about it in the comments!

But after seeing these wooden cameras, that feels so uncreative. This camera has interchangeable lenses which are held in place by embedded magnets, all you need to do is pull one lens out and when you put the other one in it will click into place. You can see how it works in this video:


What I love about this camera is it can take any picture that is in the imagination of our children. That is a rich gift.

Made in Melbourne, Australia (where I used to live), the camera and lenses are made from Cypress pine, a honey coloured aromatic timber. And everything involved in making these cameras is non-toxic.

Available right here.