Angle on Artist – Elisabeth Anisimow, Child Prodigy Artist


Meet Elisabeth Anisimow, Child Prodigy Artist. It’s about time I had the next installment of our Angle on Artists Series. and here she is. Elisabeth is an 9 year old child prodigy artist from Los Angeles,CA of Russian descent. She started painting at the age of 2. Art is her passion and she paints everything she sees and if you watch her video on her site, she is quite a dramatic character in her own right! She won 3rd place in a recent LA art contest where she was the only child there,competing with adults. 

Elisabeth takes a sketch book with her everywhere and takes photos on her phone to remember for later. Her parents limit her TV time for her to be able to have the time to create all her paintings and not not only does she paint, but designs clothes!

In the last 3 months Elisabeth has had two personal art shows  in LA She signs her name as E.V.A  which stands as her first middle and last name. You can see her work currently on display at the Child Art Museum in Oslo,Norway.

And take her a look at the video below of her living art. Ok. I’m impressed!

Here’s this talented soul’s website to see more of her work.