Emily Dewan Photography for Families



I’ve met and chatted with Emily Dewan a few times and was intrigued by her idea of taking photographs for the first year of your baby’s life. I wish I had known about her earlier! She calls this program the “A Year in Your Life” and I’m guessing she might step in and take any year of a kid’s life if you ask her!

Here is what she says about this experience:

“There’s nothing quite like your baby’s first year. Each day you’ll see new developments, and your whole family will be changing and evolving constantly. All the new little routines and moments… the cute song you all sing every evening, the way he grabs at you while feeding – there’s magic in the mundane. The first year will go by in the blink of an eye, and you’re going to want to capture all of those moments and milestones. Imagine how sweet it will be to bring her to school for the first time, and then look back at these images from years before. I always enjoy looking through my own family’s albums, to relive so many moments, big and small. I want every family to experience that joy, and that is why I’m creating this project.”


Emily has a very interesting and almost documentary style which illustrates moments whether they are special or just everyday stuff.

She also of course also does guided sessions. She’s based in New York City so if you are lucky enough to live here, go for it. Here is her website to see more great photos.

And if you don’t live in NYC, just ask her where she is traveling to and it might just be to your city!