En Ljummen i Gräset Music Festival – Stockholm


Being a music loving, young (yes, if 40 is the new 20 then 31 is definitely the new 11) and outgoing person stuck in a confused mama body, it is with sadness I’ve noticed I can’t go out to gigs anymore. Turns out, dark clubs and late nights don’t do well with breastfeeding duty. That is why I am super happy that it’s soon time for the mini music festival, En Ljummen i Gräset (A Lukewarm in the Grass..somehow sounds better in Swedish). My friend and former colleague Peder and his companion Arvid are the masterminds behind this cosy little festival taking place on a piece of grass just by Vinterviken in Aspudden.

“All ages are extremely welcome” they state on their website, so Sixten and I are going. Kids ear muffs and mosquito net for the stroller are on the to-bring list. Festival dates this year are July 30 and August 7. Entrance is 60 SEK.They sell food and drinks there so no need to bring a picnic this time!