Everyday Life Coloring Book – A.P.C & Apartamento Collaboration



Everyday Life is the collaboration between super-cool French fashion label A.P.C. and equally cool, Apartamento magazine!

Apartamento, which edited the project, asked artists and designers — starting with Reg Mombassa, Matt Leines, and Geoff McFetridge for now— to reimagine the classic coloring book. The result: a revisiting of the ol’ paper and crayons (or marking pens) coloring book. I for one, am over the moon at these designer coloring books that have become popular because I have never felt that comfortable with the whole Ipad coloring in concept. The physical lack of paint or crayon or marker actually coloring a piece of paper is depriving kids of the whole kinesthetic experience and the lovely mess of it all…IMHO.

Each run is limited edition, with just 500 copies printed. And at $9, a piece of art like this…a steal.