Exquisite Favor Bags at Cabbage and Fig



We just had Solène’s birthday party this last Sunday and I wish that I had known about these rocking favor bags (or party bags as they say in England) because favor bags are something that I really put a lot of thought into. And something that takes way too much of my time as I am always looking for something a little original and something that bypasses all those plastic little toys and candy! And most of all, I really like to see that the kids LOVE their bag. That they take home a sweet memory of the party and something to go back to and delve into.

This time, I did pull together a fairly nice favor bag  (well at least the parents thought so- and I did get reports that the kids were digging them) but they  could have been better…like these completely original favor bags by Cabbage and Fig! I’m really intrigued by the retro flair and care that are put into these. And I would have really appreciated getting those few hours back as that’s how long it took to find the elements I wanted, to find the perfect bag and to compile them! So, take a look and see the quirky sweetness that they offer!