Funky beds from Childrens Bed Shop


What funky and fun beds from this bed extravaganza site I stumbled upon: Childrens Bed Shop. I was looking for some bunk beds for the girls and was amazed at the variety here for kids beds.  I couldn't get over their theme beds, especially the Julian Bowen Scorpion Racer above, and Kidsaw JCB Digger for the boys. If I were a boy, I couldn't think of anything better to dream in!

They also have bunks, high sleeper loft beds, captains beds and really, whatever you need. Take a look at their website to see many more!



For the girls, I quite liked this Thuka mid sleeper camper bed with a tent and a slide. Or the mid sleeper with shelving below. It's like a whole play center. Why didn't we get beds like this when we were young?! There are a bunch more mid sleepers here.