Grandpa Green by Lane Smith

My daughter and I are completely captivated by Lane Smith’s latest book, Grandpa Green. From the creator of the national bestseller, It’s a Book comes a timeless story of family history, legacy, and love. It’s the story of Grandpa Green and how he shares his life and passes down his memories to his great grandson through the magical garden he has created and his topiary masterpieces. He was a farmboy and a kid with chickenpox and a soldier and a man in love, most of all, an artist. We are charmed by the amazing graphic illustrations employing black and white line drawings and different shades of green and of course the unreal tree art. There are so many different emotional levels to this book that people of all ages can relate. I was especially touched by his treatment of  the passing of one’s life and the dear Great Grandpa who continues to live his passion and art. If you happen to be in New York, one of our favorite bookstores, Books of Wonder has some signed copies. Otherwise, you can purchase it here!