Hand printed Paper With Potato Stamps

The girls went to their friend’s party yesterday so we decided to print the wrapping paper ourselves. I love block prints but that would have been too involved at this point, so we used potatoes (see below). You just cut them in half, trace your design in pen, cut it out and apply paint with a brush before printing away. You can see exactly how with this video. We will be doing more of these as it’s so much fun and we loved the result. Well, you can see that because I was taking the top photo before the paint even dried. Please comment if you try this – would love to see your results too so feel free to email me a photo!


2 thoughts on “Hand printed Paper With Potato Stamps”

  1. I love it. Your creativity to make something so special with the kids was great. I’m sure that anyone receiving gifts as well, be happy for the warmth, dedication and care given to it.
    Disclosed in my blog and offered to link here. A hug.Tiffany @blogdati  

  2. Thanks so much Tiffany. The little girl who received the gift did indeed appreciate the original paper. Thanks so much for posting this on your blog and linking it. Appreciate it. Will take a look. Best. 

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