Handmade Dolls and Creatures by Willowynn



I’m so taken with these handmade dolls and creatures by Willowynn, made by the owner, Margaux Davis.

She works from the tiny front room of her 100-year-old house in the rolling green hills behind Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. These original dolls and toys are made with discarded fabric scraps, remnants and worn out clothing, Margaux likes the  history and romance in that. The creatures and dolls are inspired by old folk tales, song lyrics, children’s story books and of course, the natural world…because she has a professional background in environmental education, working as a ranger with the Parks and Wildlife Service; talking, writing and thinking about the natural world.

Margaux now spends her days at home with her young children and her lovely work.

And she sells patterns on Etsy as well  so we can make them too. And if you are interested in purchasing any of her work, go to her shop!