July 13th, 2011


A few months after my first daughter, Oona was born, I went on a quest to find beautiful organic fabrics. Many web surfing sessions later, I came upon Harmony Art, organic fabrics designed by Harmony Susalla. I had arrived. Even her name is poetry. Everything Harmony designs is derived from the nature around her. For instance, what she says of the blue  fabric: “This was inspired by the foliage in my backyard. All of the plants in this print are native to the California redwood coast. None of them were planted, they just grow of their own accord.” Her website is beautiful and she also has a wonderful blog.

But back to my story. I bought many different fabrics from Harmony and made blankets, change table covers, towel backings and even made a cool drape for the Stokke crib (more on that later). And then guess what I made from the leftovers. Yes, that’s right. That cute dress for Oona’s (pictured right) first birthday, complete with ruffle pants. And of course, Solène (pictured left) is getting some use out of it now too. Can you believe that the hair accessory I made is still with us?


  1. Harmony says:

    wonderful!  This makes my heart sing.  Thank you for bringing the fabric to life so beautifully and I LOVE that it is still being used and enjoyed…  big hugs to all!